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Like many musicians, the COVID-19 pandemic has canceled a lot of my plans, shows and sources of income for this project. So, please, if you can do so without putting a burden on yourself, consider making a donation to 3 A.M. Saints by clicking the button below .

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I often write out my thoughts on various life and music topics throughout the week. Check out my latest thoughts on my blog.





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'Ohio' live at Kenosha Creative Space

This is a video, taken by my friend Cole Stout, of Kenosha area musician Keith Christophersen Jr. and I playing around with my song "Ohio" at Kenosha Creative Space in Kenosha, WI. Hope you enjoy it as much as we did playing it.  


A Journey of Self-Discovery

The process of writing the music for  my first album, ”So Long, Lonesome Drunk” (2019), was full of moments of self-discovery and growth, and, oddly enough, entertainment in watching myself struggle here and there in the process. Check out some updates throughout my journey through posts on my Facebook, Twitter and Instagram pages.


All About Love

For me, music has always been about love, my love for how it changes and transforms us. 3 A.M. Saints - based in Racine, Wisconsin -  is an outlet to express and share that love with as many people that want to join in. 


My Music

All of my music comes from my heart and past experiences I’ve had. Music, to me, is the most important, emotional form of storytelling. It breaks down the defenses and helps us empathize with one another - something I feel is extremely important today.


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